Horizontal boring made easy

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Honda, Briggs and Stratton and Kohler (testing) in various sizes each with gear reduction and extra heavy duty flexible coupling.


Dependable, Light weight, powerful proven design to complete your horizontal underground boring needs!!


Extra low out put to minimize the need for excessive redirection and a hand crank winch so manual pushing is not needed!!


Bits and reamers are made with proprietary extra durable steel and segmented carbide teeth on three blades to increase serrated cutting action.


Extra heavy walled drill stems for durability and the flexibility needed. Each drill stem has male and female welded couplings that are hexagon shaped to assist in there disassembly.


Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.


 Why does your machine use the 5.5hp engine?

With almost 40 years of experience, it has been proven the use of the 5.5hp engine is enough power to safely get the job done.

Your bits have multiple pieces of carbide rather than one large piece, why?

Carbide is a very hard substance but it can and will shatter.  Our experience has shown us that using multiple pieces of carbide and strategically staggering them over the surface of the bits will work like a serrated knife to chip and cut through rock and tough conditions thus limiting damage to the carbide itself.


Why do you recommend the 4 piece "Sight and Alignment Package?"

This accessory helps to keep the drill stem on target while keeping the operator away from all rotating pieces.  

How far can I bore with your machine?

We have found the majority of Horizontal boring completed with our machine are usually not over 50'.  Operators of our machine often comment boring over 100'.  

What can I bore?

Our machine will easily bore through dirt, soil, clay, roots, sandstone, and most types of rock.  

What is the winch for?

The winch provides over 300lbs of forward pressure.  At 96lbs a drive-train would not work the  way directional drilling machines do.

Why not use a clutch?

Our machine is designed to be efficient not overpowered.  At 5.5hp and 96lbs there is no need for a clutch to prevent rollover thus there is no need to have tracks like tunnel boring machines.