Our mission is to provide a quality piece of equipment at an affordable price.  We have since set the standard for durability and function since 1970.   All of our products have been designed by a seasoned irrigation professional.  We do not offer silly gadgets or pre-packaged concepts only what you need when you need it.  We are proud to state the vast majority of the components compromising our line are manufactured in-house.


 Our machines weigh in at 96lbs. and are specifically designed to be transported without the use of a trailer.  Our bits are three-bladed and have leading carbide tipped edges arranged in a serrated pattern.  Water is used to keep the bits cool and to create slurry.  Our drill stem is manufactured from 1" O.D. extra heavy domestic steel pipe and come in sizes so that a pipe rack is not needed. 


 Since each industry has specific need our products are offered individually with no minimum order requirements.  Products are manufactured and shipped in the order received due to high demand.  We constantly monitor shipping costs in order to maintain competitive pricing and timely transit times.

Contact us for to determine your specific needs and determine your package price.


 By utilizing our boring machine on job sites you will be able to offer you and your customers a way to keep their existing structures (shrubs, trees, sidewalks, roads, etc.) looking perfect!  no more wasted time cutting concrete and unsightly concrete patches.  Complete your horizontal boring in minutes rather than hours and leave the job site looking as if you were never there.

Our selection of carbide bits and reamers remove only the amount of soil yo need, leaving the soil under the existing structure intact.  Our bits will cut through most rock, tree roots, and soil conditions. 

 Allow our machine to do the work for you.  it is winch driven and does not require the operator to use brute force.  No more expending energy by hammer, drive, or force trying to lay pipe underground.  Remove the burden of boring from the operator and place it on the machine.